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Updated: Dec 25, 2021






Dark would be an understatement for the Five-Four’s wrapper. Its wrapper is very dark…and toothy. Fairly smooth throughout with a perfect cap. Hats off to the roller.

The aroma off the foot and wrapper are reserved, giving me just the slightest hints of raisin and earth, and I really had to sniff for those. I still refuse to stick the cigar in my nose. I’m not that worried about the foot and wrapper aroma.

From light up, the Five-Four fills the room with smoke. Draw and smoke output are an EXCELLENT+. No warm up time needed.

The slightest hint of cocoa meanders in, but earth and butter take prominent roles upon entry.

Subtle earth and coffee move through the retrohale with mild coffee, subtle spice, and a little bitterness resting comfortably on the finish.

Within a few minutes, we hit a slight snag with the burn. I give it some help, and we’re back up and running.

The aroma off the foot smoke is a bit odd. It has a very distinct inflatable pool toy note to it. I smoked the torpedo about a week prior to this review, and it had the same aroma. At the time, I just marked it up as something going awry with my nose, but here it is again. A little tobacco, spice, and sweetness join in, but they fade to that pool toy note. It’s odd. Or maybe it’s just me. Wouldn’t rule that out.

Before diving deeper into the first third, about half of the ash looks like it’s ready to leave us, so I help it on its journey. The ash appears to be a middle achiever. Not the strongest, not the weakest, a little dandruff.

Progressing through the first third, the Five-Four remains consistent on all fronts. A little cocoa, earth, and butter through the draw, earth and coffee in the retrohale, and some mild coffee, subtle spice, and some bitterness on the finish. The bitterness seems to be fading as we go along.

Another burn touch-up is required before we move to the second third.

A nice smooth creaminess leads the charge in the draw now. The cocoa has moved on to dark chocolate that takes more of a co-lead alongside some fruit and tobacco. Spice follows closely behind, and dark earth closes the door.

Fruit, earth, and some mild coffee find their way out of the old nasal passage.

The mild coffee in the finish has moved on to a much heavier brew, and the spice has bumped up a notch as well. The bitterness is nowhere to be found, and now it’s starting to get creamy. Nice.

The draw and smoke output remain consistent. Effortless and plentiful, respectively. The only downfall is that the burn has also remained consistent in that it continues to need some help. Not huge deal, but it's there.

The ash drops and flakes off regularly. I’m not going to win any “Excellent ash game, dude!” awards on social media, and that’s fine. I’m not much for that game anyway.

As we close shop with the Five-Four, the draw and smoke output still aim to impress, and they’re accomplishing that goal in spades. Seems as though it could smoke itself, and it probably would if provided the right technological advancements. Elon Musk working on that yet?

My lighter makes two more appearances as fruit, dark chocolate, and coffee write the final chapter here in the draw. The retrohale dances with some earth, fruit, and leather while coffee, spice, and leather close the book on a nice bed of creaminess.

SMOKE TIME: 2 hrs. 4 mins.

RATING: 2.75 / 4 - Smoke for days.

Click HERE to watch the video review.



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