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Updated: Dec 25, 2021






Overall, the San Isidro appears to be put together very well. Some prominent veins and a few blotches on the wrapper are the only criticisms, which would be nitpicking. The well blended seams and beautiful cap are excellent. Very well done.

Off the foot comes a nice aroma of milk chocolate and cherry, almost teetering on a cherry cordial. The wrapper brings a rather pleasant sweet hay. Simple and nice.

Light up brings a bit of earth and a nice dose of spice. Nothing overbearing, but it’s definitely kicking. A few puffs later, sweetness joins the duo, and the spice pushes a little harder now. Still very manageable.

The retrohale offers up some earth, a coffee/leather combo, and just enough spice to tickle the nose hairs.

The finish is all about spice, leather, and a touch of sweetness for good measure. Not a bad start.

As I’m sitting enjoying the initial offerings of this cigar, I ponder a little on the size of the cigar. Admittedly, I’m not a small ring gauge fan, but if I’m going to smoke a smaller ring gauge cigar, I prefer it be box-pressed. In fact, I’m a big fan of box-pressed cigars in general. I just like them, which is a great thing about cigar smoking. From the cut to the light, vitola, and wrapper. Prepare it how you like, smoke it how you like, and, most importantly, smoke what you like. Most cigar smokers are cool with that. The self-proclaimed experts always find something to criticize about how to do anything. That’s cool. I’m busy enjoying my cigars. Anyway.

The San Isidro draws well, and it’s fairly generous with its smoke output. No confirmation from the burn regarding whether or not it's going to behave. It’s getting a little squirrelly on me here.

The aroma spreading into the room is woody, spicy, and sweet. Cool.

Less than an inch in now, and the burn gets a little too squirrelly. It requires a little guidance. Not a big deal as long as it doesn’t become a regular thing.

Moving along through the first third a nice smooth sweet cream leads the charge on the draw, bringing with it some spice, earth, and an understated, undefined fruit.

The retrohale brings a medium dark earth and leather to the group, and the finish is spice and coffee. Not bad.

Back to the retrohale for a moment. Spice quietly builds in my nose as the finish begins to fade. My eyes aren’t watering, but I can feel it.

The ash is a middle of the road player. Fairly solid with just a touch of dandruff. The San Isidro requires my full attention. If I leave it alone for a minute, it threatens to go out. I’m hoping the San Isidro doesn’t become a stage five clinger. Cue Psycho sound effects.

Entering the second third here, I’m forced to touch up the burn and get rid of the slightest bit of ash that’s accumulated, and the San Isidro continues to demand extremely short breaks between puffs or it will go out on me. We’re in stage five. Dang it.

I’ve avoided relighting so far, but no telling what would happen if I failed to return its text messages in a timely fashion. “Hello, 9-1-1. Phil hasn’t returned a text message I sent a minute ago. He might be dead.”

Teasing aside, a few puffs in, and it hits me with a smack of milk chocolate. Tasty. Sweet cream continues to be onboard, and earth and spice gently tread water alongside the ship.

Earth, leather, and sage show up in the retrohale. Sage? Really? Yep.

The finish pushes some coffee, leather, and just the slightest bit of spice now.

The foot smoke, which you might notice in the photos, is very deceiving. Seconds after taking the photo you’ll see next, I had to put some fire to San Isidro’s foot, as it went out completely. It’s not the draw either. Frankly, the San Isidro is becoming somewhat of a chore here. Dang it.

This relationship really has it flaws. Is anyone else getting dizzy, or is it just me? I’m doing more puffing than the oxygen level in this room seems to be allowing for. And, another relight. Ugh. Prayers up.

Dear lord, it’s getting hot in here, and the temperature of the room is not to blame. I really might pass out from the necessary puffing required to keep this cigar limping along. We’re both limping now. Taking a short break. If it goes out again, I have to start questioning its intentions. Sure, I can relight it, but the issue becomes whether or not I want to. This date is really taking a turn for the worse. It’s like your date just started talking about that one time she got arrested for stalking, but it was all a big misunderstanding. “Check, please!”

After a relight, a slow recovery from the prone position, and another short-lived relight, I’m calling it quits…and maybe the authorities.

The burn and relight issues and constant reassuring puffs took all the attention away from my enjoyment. Pity.

Dear San Isidro,

It’s not me, it’s you. I hope you enjoyed your vegan burger and salad. I paid for the meal, but you’ll have to call for a cab. No hard feelings.

- Phil

SMOKE TIME: Too long, too much work.

RATING: 1.50 / 4 - It’s not me, it’s you. Put it on my tombstone.



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