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Updated: Dec 25, 2021






Adorned with a nice light brown wrapper and sporting simple and cool bands, the Farce’s foot and wrapper provide aromas of raisin, barnyard, hay, and cream. I’m a fan of the Farce Maduro. In fact, it made my Top Cigars of 2020 list, which you can check out here if you so desire, so I’m looking forward to test driving the Connecticut.

The Farce Connecticut opens up with earth, a bit of sweetness, and some cream. A slight touch of spice coats the tongue and palate. The retrohale brings wood, earth, and leather, which all play well together. The finish is somewhat tame right now with a coating of spice carrying over with some earth and very mild coffee. A hint of fruit decides to slide in.

The draw and smoke output are perfect. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Down the road a bit now from light up, and the first third provides notes of earth coupled with a hint of raisin, wood, sweetness, and a slight touch of spice, which continues to lightly coat the tongue and palate.

Retrohaling hits the nose with earth, leather, and a very delicate spice. Tickles the nose hairs, which as I get older tend to be more prominent. Nose hairs, not tickling.

Speaking of nose hairs, I can never think about nose hairs without going back to the scene in The Great Outdoors when Dan Aykroyd is trimming his nose hairs in the bathroom. Kind of a weird scene to be iconic, but that’s how my brain stored it. Still one of the best eras of comedy. Anyway.

The coffee in the finish has kicked up, and it washes over the spice for a moment before slowly fading out and allowing the spice to keep everything awake and alert in a subtle fashion. Kind of like the teacher who never yells but always has control over her classroom. Respect.

The foot smoke provides a nice aroma of wood, cream, and raisin.

Spice, earth, and salt take over the second third, and I’m hoping to see some sweetness come back into the fold as we move along.

A nice woodiness and raisin move smoothly through the retrohale.

Coffee, leather, and spice charge through on the finish with the coffee darkening up quite a bit.

The burn line requires no attention, which I always appreciate, and smoke rolls off the foot between puffs. And, just as I take a draw after those last keystrokes, a nice fresh baked bread rolls in. Nice way to finish out the second third.

Sweetness, which leans towards caramel, some dry pretzel, and earth show up and dominant the final third.

Retrohaling in the finale continues to provide smoothness via earth and a dash of sweetness. A vegetal note sneaks in once every so often.

Coffee and the slightest, slightest bit of spice drive the finish with coffee hanging around all the way through to the next puff. Leather tends to perk up every now and then, but it’s in and out, never overplaying.

The draw and smoke output chugged along very well throughout, and the burn only required one touch-up, which was here in the final third.

The first third was the highlight for me, and while they were enjoyable, I had higher expectations for the second and final thirds. If you like Connecticuts, you would probably dig the Farce Connecticut.

SMOKE TIME: 2 hrs. 56 mins.

RATING: 2.75 / 4 - A likable fella.

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