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Updated: Dec 25, 2021






The Rare Leaf’s bands are fairly simple. Nothing wrong with that. They’re wrapped around a beautifully rolled cigar. Par for the course with Aganorsa. Barnyard, dry hay, raisin, cream, and just the slightest bit of both chocolate and spice off the foot and wrapper provide a nice treat to the sniffer.

An effortless draw at light up brings in plentiful smoke, which hits with some earth, sweetness, spice, and the quietest murmur of milk chocolate. Slightly salty earth and a final kick of coffee flow from the retrohale.

Spice is king on the finish, coating the roof of my mouth. Earth and a mildly sweet coffee also play along, and a slight bitterness hangs around like that guy at the party who just has this thing about him that makes you avoid talking to him for fear he’ll probably brag about himself for the next two hours. Do those guys hear themselves? Just love the sound of their own voice. There are women like that too. Avoid both at all costs. You’ll thank me.

Wood, dark chocolate, and earth work together in the aroma, which is a little fleeting as I’m currently outside. Just nice enough before Satan throws a fireball at us later today. My reviews typically get squared away in the morning, and I don’t always relegate myself to a room. Fresh air is nice on occasion.

Earth, wood, and fruit take over as I move through the first third. Also, I think the Rare Leaf is trying to get a little creamy now. Can’t really tell how much that’s going to develop. Seems apprehensive.

The retrohale flows with earth and a mildly sweet coffee. King Spice has eased up in the finish. Right at the sweet spot now. Cool. Fruit brightens up the bitterness, which is still there but easing with every couple puffs, almost becoming a nutty leather. Whatever that is.

The ash rolls off in a nice solid clump, and I’m on my way to the second third.

The second third moves along with earth, nuttiness, and a slightly salty, slightly sweet cream. A split in the wrapper joins us without an invite. Oh, great, this guy. Has me a little concerned. We’ll see what happens. I typically smoke my review cigars fairly slowly anyway, but I’m slowing down even more to see if I can stop the split from ending this review prematurely.

A diluted sweet and creamy coffee present themselves in the retrohale.

Nutty leather, whatever that is, no longer hangs in the finish. Bitter leather now overwhelms the fruit that’s attempting to keep it reigned in. Keep fighting the good fight, bud. Coffee steps in briefly like a parent looking out the window above the kitchen sink to make sure the kids are playing nicely outside. King Spice has nearly completely given up his throne at this point, but I’m left with a pleasant creaminess once everything else fades.

A little more concerned about that split as I start to round the corner to the final third.

With our powers combined, the Rare Leaf and I were able to overcome the split wrapper. Not all heroes wear capes, right?

Also, Satan’s fireball showed up, so I took the review inside.

Earth takes the helm in the final third. A smooth sugary sweetness drops under my tongue as I pull in the smoke. Very subtle bread and chocolate meander around the smoke with a vegetal note kicking up a little as the smoke exits.

As smoke escapes my nose, toast lightly sprinkled with sugar entertains.

The finish leads with a vegetal note, which finds its way to some leather, not bitter, and fruit tends to hang around to the next pull.

Not a single burn touch-up throughout.

The Rare Leaf was good. The best showed up in the first third, and then it seemed to phone in the rest. Felt like it wanted to do more but was unsure.

SMOKE TIME: 1 hr. 46 mins.

RATING: 2.50 / 4 - Proceeded with caution.

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