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A near perfect draw and plentiful smoke output begin the day’s journey with the Naturale. Spice, earth, wood, sweetness, and a splash of sweetened coffee roll around my palate. Fresh soil and old earth intertwine as they flow through my nose, and spice and earth occupy the finish.

Smoke pours off the foot, engulfing the room with aromas of wood, dark syrup, and fruit.

The Naturale threatens to go out if I leave it unattended for more than a minute. Each time I return to it, a few warmup puffs are required to get it moving again. Kind of like the LaRusso’s car in Karate Kid.

The warmup draws push out copious amounts of earth, followed up by fruit, wood, and molasses.

Offering a well-balanced coffee, the retrohale rolls out smoothly. The finish holds on to wood and spice for the most part. When I start to move my tongue around, leather takes over, drowning out its predecessors.

The ash keeps a nice grasp but appears to be uninterested in the long ash game. No problem. I’m not interested in that game either.

The burn begins to lag a bit, but when given a little time and the reliable smoke roll™, we chug along without tapping into my lighter fluid reserves. Doing our part to stay green...or something like that.

Still needing a lot of frequent attention, the Naturale keeps me on my toes like a needy girlfriend. That’s why Ali broke up with Daniel, right? She was needy. Sorry. Another Karate Kid reference. Kumiko seemed much more independent. Don’t get me wrong, she still found her own ways of bringing trouble Daniel’s way.

Frequent puffing seems to have little impact on Naturale’s performance so far, as the smoke continues to flow, and wood, molasses, and earth consistently plug along.

Coffee with a dash of baking spices now entertain my nose, both flowing in and out of the nose rather quickly.

Leather begins tapering off to coffee with a sweet woody core on the finish.

My air purifier continues to work overtime. Wax on, wax off.

Dang, this chick is needy. Now, I’m working overtime, trying to keep us on solid footing without making her mad. It’s a real juggling act here.

The burn completely goes off the rails, and I employ my lighter to help out. Kind of like phoning a friend. “So, she’s mad I didn’t return her text at 3:30 AM. What do you think of that? Hello. Are you still there, bud?” Guess I’m flying solo on this one.

Naturale still smells great. Even crazy girlfriends keep up with their perfume. That’s how they get ya’.

The constant attention seems to take a toll on Naturale. Flavors begin to dwindle. Earth nearly stands alone, allowing only bits of cinnamon as my escape to the outside world.

A slow smoke too.

Leather moves back into the finish but almost undetectable. I feel like I’ve learned nothing from Daniel. I hope I at least get his headband for my efforts.

Completely out. I passed the minute threshold, and now it’s time for a relight. I’ll have to go green some other time.

Naturale pours on some sweetness with touches of molasses trying to pull me back in. She promises me things will be different this time, but if I’m being honest, I’m getting a tad exhausted. Coffee swings in with a half-hearted wink. Where are my car keys?

Lightly spiced coffee drifts through my nose. The coffee finish is spiked with touches of leather.

Is it hot in here?

I need some fresh air.

SMOKE TIME: 1 hr. 56 mins.

RATING: 2 / 4 - Wax on, wax off.

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