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Updated: Dec 25, 2021






Raisin, sweetness, cream, and honey hit the nose when I take in the foot and wrapper. Well, I didn’t literally take them in, just a couple sniffs.

What about the band? Who needs a band when you have a friggin' gold diamond? I dig it.

Cut, lit, and a nice punch of honey hits from the draw. Earth and oak follow closely behind. Speaking of the draw, it’s effortless. A generous smoke output fills the space, and it continues to beautifully float off the foot.

The retrohale serves up a very clean feel with a bit of earth and a pinch of salt.

The finish has just the right mix of earth, sweetness, and spice, and the spice hangs on gently between puffs.

Moving into the first third, the ash holds on well, dropping off in a solid clump. Honey still leads the pack, and it’s joined by sweet earth, the slightest bit of leather, and every so often butter hits the palate. Honey and butter. No complaints.

An intertwined leather and coffee drift out in the retrohale, holding hands like that slow couple in the mall. I know I’ve already referenced that in a previous review, so it’s apparently a bigger issue for me than I realized. Not really. I realized it. Might need therapy.

The finish brings a bit of earth, coffee, and spice, which continues to rest on the palate just right. If you’ve read or watched my other reviews, you know I like a bit of spice, but I’m definitely not in the camp that loves pepper bombs. Bombs tend to overwhelm anything else that might wish to speak. This spice is right where I like it. Plays well with others and enhances the experience. Nice.

Slowly drawing the second third allows for an excellent helping of honey with a perfectly stated floral note embedded right in the middle of that honey sweetness. Earth, fruit, and wood join in the mix, and they all exist in their own space. Beautiful draw.

At the risk of jinxing it, I’m willing to say this already might be the best lancero I’ve had. I’m not typically a lancero fan, but there are a few out there I would be willing to make regulars, and the White Series is fitting the bill, and, frankly, it would be the headliner on that bill. A dang good blend so far.

Right after typing that, a perfect toastiness settles in on the draw. The White Series is firing on all cylinders. By the way, thanks to my friend Agnese for sending this my way! Excellent.

Now that I’ve fawned all over the draw, let me get to the retrohale and finish. The retrohale still continues to be smooth and clean. A floral note perfectly accents a mildly sweet earth. The finish leads with gentle coffee and spice slowly moving to a very enjoyable mixture of spice and honey.

Why can’t all cigars perform like this? The Black Series II, made my list of Top Cigars of 2020. Spoiler alert. I have a strong feeling the White Series is going to hold a spot on 2021’s list. Short of the final third going completely off the rails, I can’t imagine this wouldn’t make the list. I also can’t imagine this cigar going completely off the rails.

Okay, what is up with this cigar? The final third not only keeps the honey, floral, earth, fruit, and wood train chugging along, the toastiness has now morphed into a flat out delicious waffle cone. Ice cream, anyone? A hint of creamy chocolate also drops in. Heaven.

Sweet earth and a touch of that waffle cone flow out on the retrohale.

Honey, coffee, and spice on the finish leave me drooling to the next puff.

And the aroma. Sweet, creamy vanilla, and wood. What’s not to like?

Excellent flavors. Check. Flawless draw. Check. Generous smoke ouput. Check. Hassle-free burn. Check.

This is one of Cavalier Genève’s Small Batch line, and it is more than worth grabbing whenever you get the chance. Also, it’s receiving the highest rating I’ve given any cigar as of yet. Excellent!

SMOKE TIME: 2 hrs. 14 mins.

RATING: 3.90 / 4 - Honey, this is a lancero!

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Agnese Nunez
Agnese Nunez

So glad I am never wrong 😂🤘🏻! Beautiful review!

Phil Kurut, Comedy - Cigars - Music
Phil Kurut, Comedy - Cigars - Music

Never.😄 Thanks! Excellent cigar.

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