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Updated: Dec 25, 2021


LA MISSION L’ATELIER 1989 (5 5/8 x 54)




The La Mission’s Nicaraguan binder and fillers are shrouded by a beautiful and nearly flawless Mexican San Andrés leaf, and the cap shares the same nearly flawless detail. For the most part, and not as an insult, bands are typically just bands to me, but every so often one catches my eye. The La Mission’s band is one of those bands.

Giving it a few sniffs prior to light up, the La Mission greets me with tons of prune and raisin along with some dry hay and just a bit of spice present that makes me wiggle my nose a little. Wiggle is a funny word. Not laugh out loud funny.

The first few puffs after light up produce heavy dark earth and spice. Earth with a touch of clay grace the retrohale with a nice smoothness. And the finish follows suit with earth and spice.

The foot smoke offers the room aromas of subtle sweetness, wood, and spice.

Making my way through the first third, dark, rich earth and a hint of coffee do most of the work. Wood and spice blow out the nostrils, and the finish has a leathery earth with spice, which is now right in the sweet spot for me.

I tried my hand at conveying the proper pronunciation for the La Mission L’Atelier in my video review, and I would like to think I nailed it. Keeps my self-esteem healthy.

The La Mission has required no burn touch-ups. The draw has been spot on throughout, and the smoke output started out fairly modest but has increased as I move along.

Oak and sweet cream provide most of the entertainment through the second third. Hints of caramel sneak in every now and then. I could use more of that.

Leather stands alone in the retrohale. Kind of like me at a party. It’s okay. That’s my preference.

Coffee, leather, and spice linger for a bit on the finish.

The La Mission’s burn chugged along well until I neared the end of the second third. I only had to help a little bit.

The La Mission ends with coffee and a floral note on the draw. Leather invited a friend to the retrohale in the form of coffee, which attaches itself firmly to the leather. Leathery coffee? Okay.

The finish brings leather and a floral note. Not a burn touch-up to be had in the last bit here.

Overall, the La Mission performed well, but this one seemed to be holding back. Maybe my pronunciation made it awkward.

SMOKE TIME: 2 hrs. 3 mins.

RATING: 2.5 / 4 - It didn’t quite knock off my beret.

Click HERE for the video review. Click HERE for more reviews.



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