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Updated: Dec 25, 2021






The 1675 has a beautiful dark brown wrapper, which is allowed to shine due to the excellent rolling. As a brief note, the physical description of good cigars is fairly similar, and you can see it for yourself in the pictures, so I’m going to do away with the description unless I start to get masses of comments asking me to keep it. Masses? I laughed too.

The foot and wrapper provide enjoyable aromas of cream, raisin, barnyard, and damp hay. I can detect just a hint of mint in there as well, but my nose could be playing tricks on me. Who knows?

Upon light up, the 1675 introduces itself with earth, cream, and a touch of sweetness. A bit of sourness and spice guide me through the retrohale. The finish is composed of dull leather, some bitter raisin, spice, and milk chocolate peeks out very quietly, almost undetected.

The draw and smoke output hit the sweet spot, and everything about this cigar is smooth as butter right now.

On a side note, I did an Instagram Live with a fellow cigar smoker/musician this past weekend, and it never fails how passionate, creative people can talk as time seems to just sprint past. I'm sure there's a drummer joke in there somewhere. Anyway, it was a fun conversation. You should check it out…or at least some of it. Like I said, time wasn’t an issue for us; we were just enjoying the chat. Thanks, Ian.

Back to the cigar, which is currently supplying the room with a very nice aroma of wood, spice, and chocolate.

The slightest hint of chocolate has developed as the lead as we move further into the first third, followed by earth, salt, and cedar.

Bitter raisin and a bit of cocoa stroll through the retrohale.

The dull leather I got in the finish at light up has now become a stronger, more developed leather. He’s been lifting. Chocolate and raisin dip in right before coffee guides us out.

The burn hasn’t so much as knocked on my door. Thanks for just letting me do my thing thus far.

The 1675’s second third starts with wood, raisin, and a dark mocha, which is more dark than sweet, and cedar and leather hang in there as well as the smoke lingers. A rush of earth takes over as I blow the smoke into the room.

Leather pushes through the retrohale, leaving a hint of bitterness before it fades. Leather and coffee occupy the finish, but dark chocolate sneaks through the gates as I pay closer attention.

The draw, smoke output, and burn continue to allow me to enjoy the experience completely unbothered.

At this point, the 1675 hits mild-medium, and the smoothness and enjoyment factor are the standouts.

As the 1675 burns to the end, I’m treated with dark chocolate, raisin, earth, and leather.

Smooth leather and dark chocolate, which is coupled with remnants of raisin, give the retrohale a connecting bridge for the finish which copies the retrohale with leather punching through a little harder. Dark chocolate and raisin surf over the leather and eventually fade, as the leather continues on the wave. Point Break anyone? The original, not whatever the remake had to offer. Didn’t see it.

One minor burn touch-up was needed here in the final third to keep the 1675 moving on the straight and narrow, but everybody needs some help now and then.

The 1675 was a fun ride.

SMOKE TIME: 2 hrs. 14 mins.

RATING: 3 / 4 - Johnny Utah might dig this. Woah.

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