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Updated: Dec 25, 2021


PADRÓN 3000 MADURO (5 1/2 x 52)




The Padrón 3000 Maduro isn’t going to win any beauty contests with it’s bumps, pronounced veins, and scattered dents, but I’m not sure beauty contests matter to this Padrón. This cigar is just one in Padrón’s more affordable line, and it’s not here to be eye candy. It’s here to be smoked.

Where it lacks in looks, it makes up in aroma. The foot and rugged wrapper give off pleasant notes of cherry, raisin, wood, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. Okay, okay. Looks aren’t everything.

Lighting up is effortless. With a spot on draw and hefty smoke output, the 3000 couldn’t care less whether or not it combed its hair this morning. It's got attitude.

Earth, wood, big spice, and a gentle sweetness pour in from puff numero uno. The smoke drops out of the nose with earth, wood, and sweet bread. Earth, coffee, and spice lightly coat the palate in the finish, and that spice hits well without knocking me out. Just a little wake-up call. I appreciate that.

Talking and entertaining through the first third, as I was hosting a live stream on my Comedy - Cigars - Music’s YouTube channel while reviewing this cigar, wood, butter, earth, mineral, and raisin take the reins for this part of the show. Not bad co-hosts at all.

Earth is still present in the retrohale, but the wood has been replaced by coffee, and the sweet bread has exited the studio. The finish keeps it rolling with spice, bread, dark chocolate, and coffee. No burn touch-ups. Fun show.

As my chatter with a handful of viewers goes from shy playdate parents to cigars, earth, coffee, wood, and raisin define the second third. Coffee and earth in the retrohale are now joined by leather, and the finish does away with the sweetness as leather, a slight spice, and smooth coffee see us out.

The draw continues on in its effortless fashion, and the smoke output kicks it up a notch or two.

Not a peep from the burn. He knows we’re live.

The group and I get to talking about music and drums as the 3000 chimes in with earth, dark chocolate, leather, coffee, and raisin. The retrohale is back to a duo act with coffee and earth. Dark chocolate, coffee, leather, and a hint of spice rest on the finish as I sign off. A slight vegetal note sneaks in post-show and right before I pack it up.

The draw never missed a line, and the smoke output built to a hefty crescendo for the finale. The burn never interrupted, did his thing, and let me do mine. What more could you ask for.

SMOKE TIME: 1 hr. 21 mins.

RATING: 3 / 4 - Solid co-host.

Click HERE to watch the Live Stream.



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