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Updated: Dec 25, 2021






The seams are well done on this nice dark brown wrapper. Veins are present but don’t distract from the smoothness, and the cap is excellent.

Creamy milk chocolate, raisin, and a pleasant floral note escape from the foot, and the floral note takes more of a lead upon taking in the aroma from the wrapper.

Earth followed by a smooth and buttery tobacco core introduce the Tattoo upon light up. Milk chocolate and wood meander off the foot, providing a nice addition to the room. The draw’s performance is fair, and the smoke output follows suit.

Earth with a touch of coffee on the back end provide a smooth retrohale, and the coffee really makes an impact on the finish with a medium and smooth fade.

The burn travels off course as I make my way through the first third, but it’s just under my threshold to give it a hand.

Earth continues to be the main hitter, but sweet butter and just a touch of spice find themselves sharing some of the spotlight through the first third. Kind of like the touring rhythm guitarist and keyboard player. Not full members of the band, but they help make it happen on stage.

That buttery tobacco core in the pulls is now finding it’s way to the pre-retrohale. Basically, it’s finding it’s way to my nose as I hold the smoke in my mouth. Earth is the main player in the actual retrohale though.

The finish coats my tongue with coffee and spice, and there’s something there that feels like it wants to add some creaminess to the mix, but it’s only giving me the slightest sampling.

Solid and strong would be my description for the ash. The draw and smoke output step it up as we move along. Actually, they kick it up.

I roll off that ash, which breaks away clean, and I’m on to the second third.

Along with spice and butter, which has now lost its sweetness, earth decides to let toastiness, wood, and milk chocolate join the show, but only as extras. I can hear their chatter, but they’re kind of lost in the background, and they’re not in every scene.

Leather, earth, and dirt pour out the nose rather smoothly, and the finish signals its transition from coffee and spice to a smooth leather and less spice here in the second third. The long awaited creaminess has exited stage left. See ya’, bud. What’s with the stage acting theme? Maybe I should start doing movie reviews. Probably not.

The draw and smoke output continue kicking. Not quite like Chuck Norris, but who does? Speaking of which, the burn wobbles slightly like he got grazed by a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. I don’t think I’ll have to give it the lighter equivalent of smelling salts, but I keep an eye on it like someone who might have a concussion.

Toast and raisin tend to combat about who leads the charge on the draws in the final third. Butter and earth are present, but they’ve now been replaced by their understudies. Right before the curtain closes, a vegetal note peeks in for a one-liner. Not a crowd pleaser.

Earth and coffee find their way out the retrohale with coffee lingering quite a bit in the nose, and that coffee gets dark and heavy in the finish before giving way to leather that smooths out before leaving the palate fairly clean.

The burn required one major burn touch-up near the end here. It reminded me of a hospital gown. That side must have gotten a little shy on me.

Draw and smoke output…third verse same as the second.

Overall, the Tattoo was enjoyable, but I’m good with a single viewing.

SMOKE TIME: 1 hr. 37 mins.

RATING: 2.5 / 4 - Good performances. The script was okay.

Click HERE to watch the video review.



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