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601 BLACK 2021 TORO (6 x 50)




Regarding the feel, Black’s Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is smooth as all get-out. From a slightly resistant, not snug, draw with a good smoke output, sweet earth, dark wood, salted butter, and spice provide a well-balanced start.

The retrohale is clean with just a touch of sweet ’n salty. Earth, spice, and sweetness, all subtle, make for a tame finish.

Hanging on well to a tight burn line, the ash breaks off with ease right into the ol’ ashtray.

A pleasant combination of mango and pineapple come out of nowhere. I had neither prior to this review or recently, so that’s a nice surprise. I gave it a few puffs to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me, but there they were, plain as day. Of course, that might not necessarily mean my mind isn’t playing tricks on me. Self-inflicted Jedi mind trick? Maybe.

I’m kind of a part-time Star Wars fan. Into it but not dressing up or trying to make logical arguments about a made up universe. If put on the spot though, my favorite character is probably Darth Maul. Gone too soon. Hashtag it.

Speaking of gone too soon, Taylor Hawkins passing defines that sentiment. For those who don’t know, he was the drummer for the Foo Fighters. He came in around their second album, The Colour and the Shape (1997), and had been with them since (March 2022). I had the pleasure of seeing them live while they were on tour supporting that album, and it was excellent. The self-titled debut album and The Colour and the Shape remain to be my favorites, and Hawkins played the heck out of those songs live. He was awesome.

A cedar influenced bread note begins to play around during the draw. Sweetness, butter, and coffee join in, again, all well-balanced.

Coffee and the slightest bit of black pepper come in on the retrohale. The finish allows for coffee, spice, and a general sweetness, but the finish rests very quietly. As of now, this cigar is all about smoothness.

Black begins to lead with a floral note, holding onto sweetness, which ends with chocolate that comes through the nose before I begin the retrohale. Chocolate, getting a head start on the retrohale, ushers in earth and a combination of sugar and black pepper spice, blending in equal parts. That was good.

Fruit and coffee hold down the finish with just the right amount of presence.

Much like I mentioned at the beginning regarding the feel and throughout, this cigar’s smoking experience is all about smoothness. I dig it.

SMOKE TIME: 1 hr. 36 mins.

RATING: 3.5 / 4 - Smooth as all get-out.

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