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Updated: Dec 25, 2021






Wrapper and construction appear to be very well done. The pigtail on the cap must have fallen off in transit. No big deal. The cellophane cover is a bit odd, as it’s open on both ends and only covers whatever part of the cigar it has currently moved to. The color schemes on the bands work well.

Not much off the foot and wrapper for me. The foot is closed, so there’s that. Some earth and very distant barnyard.

Enough of that. Let’s see what we get.

Great draw and a generous smoke output right out of the gate. Earth, wood, and spice start things out.

Tons of dark earth in the retrohale with enough spice to lightly burn my nose hairs. Just a trim.

Earth and milky chocolate on the finish. Yes, milky, not milk. Some spice settles in at the back of my tongue and palate. Also seems as though it’s trying to figure out if it wants to be creamy or oily. Battle it out to the death.

What can I say about the aroma? It’s clean. Very clean. Maybe some earth. Clean.

Earth, spice, fruit, and chocolatey wood make their way through the first third. Chocolatey wood? What can I say? I’m a true wordsmith. It’s teetering on dark chocolatey wood.

Earth, leather, and dark chocolate flow from the retrohale with a bitter vegetal note rudely shouting at the end. Bud, we had such a good conversation going before you came along.

The finish feels a bit chewy with earth, dark chocolate, a small drop of coffee, and spice again sticking around at the end. The creaminess and oiliness apparently killed each other during their battle. Really, guys?

Chocolate and wood, not chocolatey wood, that’s different, now find themselves joining the aromas in the foot smoke. Pleasant.

The burn is sharp. Axe sharp. Same as razor sharp, but I like “axe sharp” better.

Wood and earth duke it out for the lead spot here in the second third. Wood dropped the chocolatey. Must not have liked that description. Dark chocolate(y) now stands on its own, well separated from the wood/earth fight for dominance, and it finds itself floating around as I let the smoke settle. Cream and toastiness hang out there too. Spice waits until the smoke flows out before it shows itself. Had to have the last word.

Earth, fruit, toast, and wood gently and cleanly flow in the retrohale. No interest in stealing the show.

Leather leads the finish with dark chocolate and fruit getting just a bit of time. Spice and leather hold hands and lay out a picnic blanket until the next draw. The spice isn’t overstated, but I can feel it in my teeth. I’ll check with my dentist about that.

The burn is still ready to split wood.

Smoke output kicks it up a notch. Chuck Norris style. Walker, Texas Ranger. Overrated or underrated?

The axe dulled a little, so I had to sharpen it up a little. One burn touch-up in the final third here. The ash fell off right before I could roll it off. Pretty sure Chuck snuck in and kicked it. Dang it, Chuck. I really have Chuck Norris on my mind today.

The battle of wood and earth continues through the final third with wood gaining a slight advantage. Fruit, creamy chocolate, and a slight vegetal note hold down the secondary flavors.

Fruity wood and a glimmer of milk chocolate dance through the retrohale with the fruity component leaning towards cherry and prune. Cherry more so.

The Serie M finish pushes leather with not much else aside from a bit of spice getting a word in edgewise.

The Cohiba Serie M proved to be a fairly solid cigar. Might be your thing.

SMOKE TIME: 2 hrs. 6 mins.

RATING: 3 / 4 - Chuck Norris might kick it out of your mouth. Just for fun. Dang it, Chuck.

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