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Updated: Dec 25, 2021






Excellent golden brown wrapper. The seams are nearly invisible with some bumps and ridges throughout. Raisin, hay, and cream hit the nose from the foot and wrapper, and I’m ready to light up.

The Palomino starts out earthy and sweet with a touch of salted butter. Clean retrohale with not much to say aside from some subtle buttery pleasantries. The finish brings in some mild coffee and just a touch of spice, and, while not intense, the spice coats my tongue and hits the back of the palate. Performing much like I would expect a Connecticut to.

The draw and smoke output are perfect, and the burn seems to be handling itself well. There really is something to be said about a cigar that just does what it’s supposed to without requiring the smoker to babysit it. I’ve read some manufacturers argue that burn touch-ups shouldn’t be a big deal. True. They’re not. BUT, it’s a better experience overall when the smoker is allowed to just enjoy it instead of maintain it.

Salt and pepper, mostly salt, give the ash a classy look, and there’s zero dandruff. Head & Shoulders won’t make any money here.

Trotting through the first third, leather is finding its way into the finish, as the the draw and retrohale keep on a steady path from light up. I considered not using a horse pun, but I decided to anyway. Feel free to judge.

About an inch in, and I’m willing to say if you’re a Connecticut fan, you’ll probably dig the Stallone Palomino. Feels like a comfortable pair of boots. Cowboy boots? Maybe.

Nuttiness and raisin have been pacing in the aroma, but they promoted themselves to the draw as we wrap up the first third. Welcome, buds.

Moving into the second third, and it’s all staying consistent. The only real changes of note would be butter has dropped out of the draw, the spice in the finish has eased, raisin has found its way to the finish, and, somehow, the perfect smoke output has added volume. Kind of like Aqua Net did for women’s hair in the ‘80s. Well, women and hair bands.

That reminds me of the time I had a buddy over that wasn’t really into hair bands and saw my sister’s album of cover of Poison’s Look What the Cat Dragged In. He thought the girls on the cover were pretty, but they were wearing a little too much makeup. In the ‘80s, decisions were made. When it came to style and fashion, they were largely bad decisions. Anyway.

Earth, sweetness, nuttiness, which makes room for walnuts from time to time, and raisin on the draw as we cross the finish line. The retrohale is still pushing out some earth with a slight bit of leather. A clean retrohale it is. Leather, raisin, and the addition of dark chocolate and walnuts from time to time linger in the finish.

The draw and smoke output keep an excellent pace. The burn, which has a mascara line that would make the ‘80s proud, required only a few minor touch-ups here at the end. See, no big deal.

Honorable mention goes to vanilla for peeking in every now and then during the second and final thirds.

As I said near the beginning, if you’re a Connecticut fan, you’ll be happy with the Palomino. I could have made another horse reference here like, “Gallop along and pick up yourself a Palomino,” but I figured I would spare you. You’re welcome.

SMOKE TIME: 1 hr. 40 mins.

RATING: 3 / 4 - The Palomino didn’t talk dirty to me. That’s a Poison reference. Never mind.



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