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PIV. Reminds me of Pip from Great Expectations. Required reading for me in high school. A classic? Apparently. Anyway.

Dark stone fruit, undefined wood, some cedar, and a sprinkle of spice get things rolling with PIV. Great, now I’m stuck with Great Expectations in my head for the rest of this review. Just as I was typing that, I was reminded about Kiss’ song by the same title, “Great Expectations”, from the Destroyer album.

The retrohale offers a bit of spice, earth, and sweetness. The same is found on the finish with a chocolatey fruit addition.

PIV begins to lead with light chocolate, flows through with earth and wood, and ends sweetly with fruit. Spice nearly disappears from the pull through to the finish, allowing for a bit smoother of an experience as I move along.

A pleasant combination of fruit and milk chocolate flow through the nose, and milk chocolate fades into a smooth sweetened coffee on the finish.

PIV draws easily and provides an excellent smoke output. I’m diggin’ it.

A blast of mixed nuts and cinnamon punch through. That was good.

Well, since Kiss is now apparently on my mind as well, there was a Kiss “documentary” I watched when I was much younger, probably too young, and the main thing I remember is that Paul Stanley poured root beer into his Frosted Flakes. I think it was Frosted Flakes. Of course, there were various women in various states of nudity as well. Can’t remember much about them at all, but I do remember the root beer and Frosted Flakes. A dentist’s dream, I’m sure.

No root beer or Frosted Flakes in PIV. That’s fine.

Coffee darkens up a bit on the finish. Still a nice touch of sweetness.

Cinnamon hits with a Red Hots candy influence every so often. PIV pours in all types of nostalgia now.

Hitting the nose with something a bit different, graham cracker plays on the retrohale, joined by some tea influenced coffee. Is that a thing? Coffee and tea together? A thing or not, pretty enjoyable here.

Coffee begins to play a bigger role. Good coffee too.

Burn and ash chug along like champs, as you can see, which might make it redundant that I mentioned it since there are pictures that show what I just wrote about. Anyway.

PIV shows a bit of Cuban influence from time to time. Fake Cuban? Not sure. Don’t care. I didn’t get it from some dude on a beach resort, so I guess that’s something.

Picking up in strength, PIV begins to flex his muscles a bit. Probably got that from Marky Mark. Warning to the lightweights.

Chocolate and coffee appear to be the last guys at the party from pull to finish with some subtle caramel coming through the retrohale. Corncob nubber strikes again.

SMOKE TIME: 1 hr. 35 mins.

RATING: 3.25 / 4 - Root beer and Frosted Flakes.

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