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Updated: Dec 25, 2021

PADRÓN 1926 SERIE MADURO NO. 1 (6 3/4 X 54)




The 1926 Serie Maduro appears to be constructed beautifully, and the band is all class. There's both an elegance and simplicity to it that's just cool. A subtle barnyard and a pleasant sweet cherry provide enjoyable aromas from the foot and wrapper.

An excellent cherry leads the pack from light up. Oak and cream join in, and the 1926 brings it all with an effortless draw. The smoke output matches the performance of the draw, which is excellent.

The retrohale offers up more oak with cherry embedded right in the center. Awesome. The finish starts with coffee and ends with spice...and a lot of it. A lot.

As I make my way through the first third, oak and cream lead the draw. Cherry dances beautifully as the smoke rests in my mouth, and earth arrives with the smoke's exit.

Earth and coffee shine during the retrohale, and the 1926 provides a smoother than smooth retrohale.

Coffee leads the dance in the finish, allowing milk and dark chocolate to intermingle with each other and allow space for a few solos. The spice has now tamed down considerably. Near perfect.

Regarding the burn, the 1926 is on a self-guided tour, and the wood and spice off the foot smoke make my modest smoking space that much better.

Oak, muted cherry, and earth keep me rollin' through the second third. Wood, the slightest bit of coffee, and earth coast out in the retrohale, and the finish drops some coffee grounds, a touch of spice, and chocolate syrup. When that chocolate syrup and coffee connect, it's as enjoyable as it sounds. Delicious.

Rounding out this cigar, the flavors back off a bit as muted cherry and earth dominant the final third. Coffee, earth, and just the slightest touch of cherry drift out the nostrils.

Heavy, dark coffee grounds and earth kick it out in the finish.

The Padrón 1926 Serie Maduro No. 1 was an enjoyable cigar. I had the No. 9 just a few weeks back, and I would say I lean more towards that one. The cherry, which was a bit darker, lead the entire experience. A little bit sweeter of an experience overall with that one, but the No. 1 was an excellent smoke and experience itself. Enjoyable.

SMOKE TIME: 2 hrs. 9 mins.

RATING: 3 / 4 - This cigar is no slouch.

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